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Is there any legendary breedable, or are they all impossible to breed?

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The only legendary you can breed is Manaphy with a Ditto. You will get a Phione. Phione will not evolve into Manaphy. Other than that there is none.

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I don't have that legendary at the moment, so I was wondering if the egg appears like the event egg where it is blue instead of the traditional look.
I have absolutely no idea.
Oh, ok! That's fine
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Manaphy is the only legendary that you can breed. You will receive a Phione egg.

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Ok thanls
Or you can breed a phione to get another phione. And there are hacks to get other legendary pokemon to breed, but it's a very bad idea.
I thought Manaphy and Phione weren't considered 'true' legendaries due to the fact they can breed
They are legendaries, even though they breed. However, Phione's status as a legendary is often disputed because it lacks a lot of traits that legendaries normally have.