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that may sound like a dumb question,but where all the ditto and legendaries Pokemons are comming from?
apart from manaphy,all the others Pokemons I listed can't breed.
they would all die long ago because they cant breed (yes Pokemon CAN die,there a Pokemon graveyard in Lavender town-Kanto) or maybe are they immortal?
Did Arceus created them like he created dialga palkia and the lake trio,or Ditto is using a trick similar like Grimmer-

As it moves, it loses bits of its body, from which new GRIMER emerge. This worsens the stench around it.

sorry for that weird question,but it bugged me for like a week and I just have to know!


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Legendary Pokemon are all in the "undiscovered" egg group.

Presumably, the theory is they're too rare and do not frequent the human world enough to be studied, therefore they're origins are not fully explored/ confirmed.

Ditto exists in its own egg group, "Ditto", and you can breed two Dittos together and you'll get Ditto offspring.

While Manaphy can breed, it can only breed Phione, and Phione can only breed Phione. Manaphy might as well be in the undiscovered egg group, since it doesn't reproduce its own species.

There are some Pokemon that we know the origins of. The Lake Trio and the Time/ Space Trio were all created by Arceus. These two trios don't breed for offspring, but instead are replaced by new creations Arceus makes when one dies/ is caught by a trainer. Arceus itself is a god Pokemon, which presumably was not created by anything else.

According to some legends, Arceus is the creator of the Pokemon world, so perhaps Arceus created everything.

There was an episode which featured a Baby Lugia named Silver, who had a parent Lugia, so presumably Lugias are a species that breed.

Then there's elemental embodiments like Suicune, Entei and Raikou. They were created by Ho-oh from the three Pokemon souls that died in the burnt tower.

Most legendaries seem to be created from natural phenomena, so they were created by an element, or created by other legendaries, unlike regular Pokemon who breed to reproduce. That's where they come from.

Well, presumably anyway. Never question Pokemon logic.

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wait, you said that arceus "remakes" the lake trios when one is captured. does that mean that you can keep capturing the trio and then arceus makes a new trio and you recapture them over and over and over?!?
No, he means they're replaced to do the job the one you caught was doing (Whatever that was) You never see the "replacement"
The replacements that Arceus makes are never seen in-game. It's only presumed in the anime, and in every game there are only 1 of each legendary (legendaries available depend on the game) to catch (legitimately).
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For Ditto, see answer here.

For legendaries, they most likely are immortal. Arceus has been around since before the Big Bang, so we can safely say he is immortal. Remember Lugia did have that baby in the show, which suggests legends do breed. It would just be broken if that happened in the game.

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me too
And remember, Latios and Latias breed as well. Just there offspring are either Latias or Latios depending on gender. And there are both male and female Heatran as well.
Cresselia too.
so you CAN breed Heatran?
You can't breed Heatran. The only legendary you can breed is Manaphy; all other legendaries are in the undiscovered egg group, which is unbreedable even with Ditto.