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Does Metapod forget all moves?

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I was thinking. Since Metapod knows harden only, will it forget its moves when it goes from Caterpie to Metapod?

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Metapod! Hit him with a harden!
That crazy metapod....

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It still keeps the moves of Caterpie. Caterpie only really had three moves, which String Shot, Bug Bite and Tackle. The only exciting thing of getting a Metapod though is Bug Bite. Of course, it's beyond my imagination of how Metapod could Tackle. xD It's all mathematics and equations. If you took a look in the anime Caterpie evolved into a Metapod, and all Metapod knew at that stage was Harden, so it proves that Game Freak really didn't intend it. :P

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No it will keep tacle, and the other moves caterpie gets by level up... bug bite I think.

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The only moves it will know (besides harden) are the ones it learns while being a caterpie (string shot, tackle and bug bite).

It doesn't delete these moves automatically when it evolves into a Metapod.

As for the other point of view, wild Metapod must be considered to of somehow skipped their former stage of evolution or was simply never a Caterpie: it was born as a Metapod. Out of my thoughts of insanity I won't go any further into Pokemon reproduction as it doesn't 'float my boat' so to speak.

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The Metapod obviously never learned the moves when it was a Caterpie.