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I have a few hidden ability questions so just answer what you can if you can.
1. If i had a caterpie with the hidden ability run away and evolved it into metapod (a pokemon with no hidden ability) and evolved it again would my butterfree have the ability compoundeyes or the hidden ability tinted lens
2. how do i get a hidden ability
3.If ditto tranforms into a pokemon with a hidden ability will it have a hidden ability or not
4 (A/B).If ditto tranforms into a pokemon will its ability stay limber and (if the answer is yes) if its a pokemon has two abilities will it have a chance of gaining the other ability

Sorry about the length of the question i just want to get the information all at once


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1) Tinted Lens.

2) http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/69497/how-do-you-get-a-hidden-ability

3) No

4) yes

Not much that can be said, sorry.

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  1. It will have butterfree's DW(dream world ability), tinted lens

  2. In dream world

  3. No, transform doesn't trace the ability http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Transform_(move)

  4. like Q3, it'll stay as limber