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I heard that if you give a lucky egg to a pokemon, and teach thief to another pokemon, and if you put them in a double battle, use the pokemon that use thief on the pokemon that has lucky egg, the lucky egg will multiplied.

I want to know whether it works on a Masterball?

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No, It does not work. There are some methods to getting two Master Balls though; http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/27442/how-do-you-get-a-second-master-ball

Theif + Lucky Egg does not work either. All that will happen is the Pokemon that Theif is used n will have the Lucky Egg removed, and the user of Theif will get the Lucky Egg.

Where'd you come up with that?

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Also, I don't think you can hold a Masterball.
You can hold one, thats how I got 2 masterballs in Heartgold, by making my Pokemon hold it and migrating.
MeW2011 is right, I've had a Pokemon hold one in case I accidently use it on capturing a non-legendary. I only use Master Balls on legendarys...