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I saw this question recently and I have just remembered that when I was playing my platinum game a few years ago, I was in the distortion world and trying to catch Giratina with the master ball, and somehow the master ball didn't catch it! Does anyone have an explanation for this, I didn't hack my game or anything, so I don't know why it didn't automatically catch Giratina.

As they said (in the question), there is a slight chance it may or may not have worked. I'm just saying, that, if it didn't work, that's probably it.

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Well, apparently, you have hit something incredibly rare.

Due to storage limitations in the game's code, the Master Ball can sometimes fail, believe it or not! But it's an incredibly rare chance that that would happen. How rare, you may ask? Just a 1 in 65,355 or 0.0015%. That is 8 times the chance of finding a shiny Pokemon. Amazingly, you beat the odds of even finding a Shiny - eight shinies to be exact.

As much as it's sad that you wasted your Master Ball, I'd say well done on hitting this drastic chance! xD

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I did not know this. That's amazing. :O
mind blown!
I have Heatran and Cresselia plus the orbs for the three in White 2. (Griseous, Adamant, and Lustrous orbs.)Is there any way to find Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia in White 2.
I can't believe this got seven votes. xD
!'·-Indigo-·'! You are a damn Genius. How do you know about stuff like this? You're Amazing:)
I think that you will find that it is one eighth of the chance of a shiny, not eight times the chance (if it was 8 times as common as shinies, I would be extremely worried).
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Not sure why this is here, but the answer is false. Master Balls do not fail. What you are saying occurred is false. You are mistaken somewhere in your experience.

Can someone please remove this question for spreading false information please? This Creepy Pasta needs to die.

Three years after I post this answer, I too wonder about the accuracy of my response. I don't really understand how 'storage limitations' is a viable reason for making the Master Ball imperfect, considering it can just be coded to skip the formula and always catch, which probably requires an extra line of coding. That being said, your answer is as equally-unjustified as mine is. You could at least find some decent evidence first to support your claim (and your request to remove the question).
I literally googled for some sources and some of them said the same thing on Indigo's answer. They all were years ago, and one of them said that it was from a previous generation.
It is a creepy pasta. It literally can't happen because the check will always return with a factor of 255 or greater. The people who start the rumor were saying that Gira was getting too strong after ominous winds and ancient powers and that Giratina became stronger than the master ball. However, it was proven time and time again that that was false.
Unless the poster of the question was lying then there is some sort of glitch (at least to that one specific game, event, time or place) that caused the Master Ball to fail. Now it's completely possible that the asker heard the story and indirectly asked if it was true, or probably just remembered the event wrong and used some other type of Pokeball. Meaning you're probably right. Plus @ Indigo 'catch rate' is just a bunch of code affected by modifiers such as target health, status, pokeball type etc etc, with the masterball just setting this catch rate to 100. Unless there was some conflicting code (which would probably cause far more errors than just the ball failing) or Giratina/some other variable has some hidden code purely for it that means it's catch rate can't be 100%, which is very unlikely, it should work.

In any case however, this answer should have a detailed explanation why and some evidence if possible. Go through some possibilities, explain the code - whatever. It's still an actual answer and should be treated similarly to all others. I.e put some effort into it.

One more thing, if you think the question/answer breaks rules then flag it. An Editor/Moderator will look over it and decide.
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Are you sure you used a master ball? You might have accidentally used an ultra ball,great ball,or regular poke ball. Are you sure you weren't playing a gen 1 randomizer with new Pokemon added?