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Dragons are mythical creatures. Most have wings, or can fly, which represents Zeus, the Sky God. Electric isn't very effective on Dragons, representing Zeus' thunder bolts.
I noticed all the simple types are not very effective on them as well (water, grass, fire). Is the only thing good enough to take on Dragons, other mythical creatures?
The Fairy type and other Dragons are super effective. Fairy's are myths. I have no idea how to explain Ice.

They can't have got the Dragon type from no where.

I would sat yes but i don;t know if anyoone is going to downvote or come up with a better answer
I am guessing that you will get answers based on opinions and hypothesis. You can't really know for sure
Did I say you didn't. And fyi we can see who answered first..
There's no need to argue over a simple question... -_-'
Anyways, I don't care who aswers first.

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I would say that GAME FREAK wanted to do something a little contrary to the normal run. Stating that Fairies in myths use magical attacks it doesn't make much sense to make them the counters to dragons in Pokémon. But this sure spices things up, because as you said both in myths and in Pokémon dragons are as good as impervious to all attack. Fairies being powerless to dragons in myths are now one of it's greatest threat.

As for the ice types explanation I would put a link between Tartarus ( A cold, dark place) and Ice. Tartarus was according to myths the most feared place to be for both mortals and immortal beings. It was a deep, dark, icy-cold place where you could find no comfort. Using your hypothesis with the link of dragons and gods Tartarus is just the same thing for the Greek gods. Zeus himself didn't have much to say when it came to the Tartarus.

Jus My hypothesis

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Not necessarily, Dragons are in lot of Mythology not just Greek. The idea was probably based on Mythology, but not many Dragon type Pokemon look like Dragons from Myths, so, vaguely yes.

what he said.