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I was grinding for Norman in the desert in Route 111, and I found a Cacnea. There was a sandstorm, and it did not affect Cacnea, even though the sandstorm affected my Breloom. Is this a glitch?


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Cacnea has a nifty ability called Sand Veil which raises the holder's evasion in a sandstorm, and makes the holder immune to sandstorm damage. So don't worry, this is completely normal,

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ok, thanks :D
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Breloom is Grass-Fighting type.
The weather condition sandstorm only affects Rock-, Ground-, or Steel-type Pokemon.

Cacnea is Grass-type, and I see your theory.
However, this Cacnea obviously had the Sand Veil ability. The Sand Veil ability makes it immune to sandstorm, and it also increases it's evasion rate in a sandstorm.

So, there's your problem.
Hope I helped. :)

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