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I was trying to get a Zorua up on levels, so I swapped it out for my Level 100 Delphox as front of the party on Route 20. However, the first battle after I swapped them, the Zorua appeared as the Delphox - with sprite, nickname, xp bar and even gender swapped. The little pixelated sprite on the 'Fight' button showed a Zorua, though, and when I won fights by switching out to another pokémon, it displayed 'Zorua gained 222 xp points' (using 222 as an example number). Exiting and re-entering the woods doesn't stop the glitch, and it happened when I walked to Route 21 and when I flew to Santalune and walked to Route 22 as well! Even going to the Pokémon Centre to heal the pokémon didn't work. Anybody else seen this mysterious glitch?


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have you heard about zorua's ability: "illusion"?

Illusion will change the appearance of the Pokémon to that of the last Pokémon in the player's party. Illusion will not activate if the last Pokémon in the player's party is unable to battle or is of the same species. Illusion will replicate the type of Poké Ball, nickname (or species name if none), Shininess (if any), gender, and form of the Pokémon it is masquerading as; however, it does not replicate the level of the masqueraded Pokémon. The effect is only aesthetic: it does not affect the Pokémon's stats, type, moves, etc.

that seems to fit everything you said
this is zoruas ability, so it looks like delphox while switching in, but looses its illusion when it takes a hit.

here is some pictures describing how illusion works
enter image description here
hope I helped:D

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That wasn't fake, that was from a past event.
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This is not a glitch. Zorua and Zoroark have an ablillity called Illusion which causes:
When a Pokémon with the Illusion ability switches into battle, it takes the form of the Pokémon in last place (6th) of the player's party. Illusion will not activate if the Pokémon in last place is the same species or is fainted.

The effect is aesthetic only; Illusion does not change the Pokémon's type or moves, so for example a Fighting-type move against a Zoroark disguised as Gengar would still be super effective. Any direct attack (i.e. not entry hazards, weather conditions etc) will
break the illusion.

Source: http://pokemondb.net/ability/illusion

what is funny is that this question has been unanswered for 7 hours, and then we all three answers at almost the same time :P
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No this is strange it is either a glitch or a change in game I have zoura on black and black2 so not normal it may not be a glitch because that's a big glitch so might be different in x and y