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looking to get a cleric on my team and currently it's moveset is aromatherapy, light screen, reflect, and moonblast. should I get rid of moonblast for heal pulse? is it effective enough to use?

also, should I have my gardevoir learn it? she already knows moves with other purposes but I thought maybe 2 Pokemon with heal pulse would be a good combo?

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Heal Pulse is only effective when you are in a double/triple battle so you can heal your partner.

So in game this combo is never recommend and just using a hyper potion or full restore is better than 50% healing so keep Moonblast

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actually i prefer to fight in double and triple battles.
so is it good to use in dubs and  trips?
heal pulse can be useful in the battle mansion double/triple battles.
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The only time heal pulse would help in game would be during double or triple battles, so it's not needed often. Now, if you were a double or triple battler online, that would be a different story.

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