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"The user emits a healing pulse that restores the users HP by up to half of its max HP"
Honestly, under what circumstances would a move that restores the HP of your opponent be useful?
Can someone please help me understand the benefits of this move? Because the way I see it, This move is just a waste...


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If you're in a Double/Triple Battle, you can use Heal Pulse to heal a Pokemon on your team, which is probably what the creators had in mind when they made the move. Hope that explains it for you!

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Yes, and it is very usefull, i aways use pokemons with that move on double and triple battles.
It could also help a little in-game when trying to lower pokemon's HP to an exact amount; although, that is still very risky because of critical hits but still an option if you dont have false swipe.
Heal pulse is especially great in battle when using a pokemon with "Mega Launcher" (clawitzer/Mega Blastoise);  and for catching pokemon.
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As StormBorn already indicated, you can target allied Pokemon in a Double or Triple battle instead of an opponent, allowing you to heal an ally mid-battle. This makes it an ideal move for a Support role Pokemon, perhaps a dual screener.

Additionally, if you find yourself battling against an opponent that makes frequent use of Magic Coat and you have really good prediction skills, you can take advantage of the fact that Magic Coat will bounce the Heal Pulse back at the user just like a damaging move. In addition to the value of healing yourself, you get to take advantage of the massive psychological damage such a maneuver is likely to inflict on your opponent.