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I'm playing a leafgreen rom, with modified NPC levels and, is just overall harder in many ways (Dont feel like listing them didnt seem too important) But anyways, I need a solid team because it's honestly very difficult and rewarding, but still it's so DIFFICULT.
i havent EV trained these two, but all I have is a Modest Wartortle, and a Naughty Pidgey and i'm in viridian forest and even though I'm so overleveled I'm getting white outs from the trainers, (lol)

What would be some good Pokemon to aid me on my journey?
Thinking about Vulpix but idk


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Will due to this being a Leafgreen Rom and not the true version I don't really have much to go on. All I can say it that you should try to find other Pokemon that can balance your weaknesses, mostly electric.

Diglett, Mankey, Bellsprout, Growlithe/Vulpix (whichever you prefer) seem to work well.

Diglett counters electric, Mankey has decent fighting moves, etc. I'd also consider putting in a few dark type moves like Crunch just for Sabrina and the other various Alakzams you'll meet ingame (a.k.a Blue's). About all I can say hope I helped :).

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