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Which is better for Tyrantrum against other dragon types?

  • Head Smash with the Rock Head ability (huge power, and some of them haves a second flying type)
  • Just Outrage (don't really like being locked)
  • Dragon Claw after Dragon Dancing
  • Ice Fang with Strong Jaw ability (taking in account that most dragons are x4 weak to ice)

Which would dent all dragon types most?

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Outrage with Choice Band I think.
So you want to know the average power each attack would have when used against all dragon Pokemon?
Yes, more or less it would come to be that....

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First, there are 52 Pokemon that are dragon type in at least one of their forms. (Bulbapedia says 50 but excludes Arceus and Silvally)

Head smash has 150 base power and is super effective against some dragon Pokemon, so it averages 166 base power.

Dragon claw has 80 base power, so outrage and +1 dragon claw both have 120 base power. Against all dragon Pokemon, they both average 233 base power.

Ice fang has 65 base power and gets boosted by strong jaw but not STAB. Only 14 of the 52 dragon Pokemon are 4 times weak to it, so ice fang averages 156 base power.

So the attack that's both STAB and super effective is strongest. What else were you expecting?
source (using the /ds command)

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That's fine. Thanks!