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I know a question like this was asked previously but that was before Tyrantrum received Rock Head giving him a large boost, and I wish to use this Pokemon in a different. So I hope this question can pass.

So, in VGC 2015 who would be a better Pokemon to use?
They are both strong Dragons who fit well with my team. I like the surprise factor that they offer. No expects either of the Pokemon to hit so hard. Either way I will make them a scarfer as neither of them are fast enough to keep up in the Metagame.

For future reference here is the rest of my team:
1.Mega Charizard Y
2. Metagross
3. Salamence
4. Rotom-Wash
5. Mega-Lucario
6. ?

If you look at a team builder you would see that both Pokemon fit into the team very nicely.

These are the sets I would use:

Haxorus @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Rivalry/Mold Breaker/Unnerve
EVs: I'm still working on making this set
Adamant Nature
Dragon Claw
Rock Slide/ Earthquake
Night Slash/ Shadow Claw/ Brick Break
X-Scissor/ Poison Jab

As you can see Rotom is one of the Pokemon on my team, so Mold Breaker Earthquake could only be used while Salamence or Charizard is on the field. However it could hit opposing Rotom, and if you take all of it forms together, it is one of the most common Pokemon in VGC. However if I did not use Mold Breaker I am not sure which of the other 2 abilities I should use. Is one gender much more common in VGC? Also Lum and Sitrus berries along with various damage reducing berries are extremely common in VGC, so Unnerve could also be a great ability. His main move is Dragon Claw and the rest are coverage.

Tyrantrum @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Rock Head
EVs: Still working on this set too
Adamant Nature (He is like Mega-Tyranitar, just quick enough to be Adamant)
Head Smash
Dragon Claw
Thunder Fang/ Fire Fang/ Ice Fang/ Poison Fang

This guy is more straight foward. I usually Lock into Head smash (50%) and sometimes Earthquake (20%) or Dragon Claw (25%) most of the time. The last move is coverage but right now I am using Poison as it is fairy coverage, and badly poisons non-steel opponents almost every time it is used. Head Smash blast holes through so many Pokemon. Trainers usually focus on the other Pokemon because he is uncommon and by then it is already too late.

I really want another Dragon in that last slot. I have given thought to Garchomp or Landorus but it really opens up and ice weakness in my opinion.

So which do you think is better? All feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Why not Scarf Hydreigon? It gets superb coverage and speed, plus it isn't neutered by Intimidate or Will-o-Wip like these two. However, if I had to pick between the two, I would choose Tyrantrum. The ability to spam STAB Head Smash, with no penalty, is the sole reason you would use it over Haxorus. Haxy, while obviously the coolest looking Dragon, has really underwhelming coverage and stats. I really wish he was the pseudo-Legend of Unova, nit Hydra :(
Well if you look my Mega-Charizard Y, Salamence, Rotom-Wash, and Mega-Lucario are all special. Metagross has the ability clear body so he is not hindered by intimidate, so this would be the only physical attacker, so my team is very intimidate friendly. I gave Hydreigon a chance and I found him hindering with his 4x fairy weakness, and I really hate Sylveon. I needed the dragon, so thats why I asked about Mega-Altaria
Ah, okay, But neither of these Dragons will be taking Hyper Voices any better than Hydreigon. Altaria I think has a chance, but I haven't calc'd it.

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I'd go with Tyrantrum. As Grime Time said, it's STAB Head Smash has no penalty, and makes it great for tearing holes in the opposing team. The poison fang is good for taking care of fairy types, and the STAB Dragon Claw is good for some raw power. Earthquake is very good for attacking both opponents at the same time and is powerful. Although Haxorus is also a good choice, with it's fairly wide movepool and ungodly attack stat, Head Smash is the deciding factor in this, which ultimately make Tyrantrum the better Pokémon to use.
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Okay thanks dude