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So I am playing Shield casually, and I completed the story mode and DLC story modes. Now I just want to perfect my team. And I dunno if I should put Naganadel, or Regidrago. I am playing casually, but sense I am finished, I am IV breeding and EV training a nature grinding. And I want a Dragon Type in my team. So I am left with those two. I kinda came across the same dilemma with Salamence and Altaria in Pokémon Emerald. Now, I already have a Roserade on my team, so Naganadel would cause a little type overlap. But if it is worth it, the I don’t mind. Let me tell you my team. Keep in mind this is not competitive, so the Pokémon on my team don’t matter. I am just doing the IVs and EVs for fun cuz I am bored. Also if there are any better Dragon Pokémon then the Regidrago and Naganadel without type overlaps, tell me. I am all ears.
My team:






And the Dragon type. Which should I pick?

Sprite or Sprite?

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Regidrago isn't really all that good competively, Naganadel is better. Honestly, I would just use Eternatus.
Yeah, but I mostly lowered it down to those two because they are two of my favorite dragons.
All these Pokémon’s aren’t that good in competitive. A better grass type will be Ferrothon(OU). You can replace Centiscorch(ZU) with Cinderace(OU), Azumarill(UU) can stay, replace Obstagoon(RU) with Hydreigon(OU). Replace Runerigus(ZU) with Dragapult(OU). I would choose Naganadel, but it will hinder the rest of your team, being an Uber. If you’re using an Uber, why don’t you run full Uber play. Chansey and Ferrothon is an exception. Maybe you’ll get more help here: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/rmt/ask
You said it was competitive battling. Please tell me if I was wrong.
"Keep in mind this is not competitive, so the Pokémon on my team don’t matter."
What he said. ^ This is also what I said, but you get the point.
I never said I was competitively battling. I just said, “I am playing casually. But sense I am finished, I am IV breeding and EV training and nature grinding.” I just finished everything in Sw/Sh that I am just upgrading my casual team.
I am gonna change to Cinderace because I totally forgot about him until you reminded me of him in your comment.

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- Wonderful Speed and Special Attack
- Excellent Ability in Beast Boost
- Gets moves like Nasty Plot, Dragon Pulse, and Sludge Wave
- Only average in the rest of its stats
- Four weaknesses

- Ridiculously high HP
- Very solid attacking stats
- Fewer weaknesses than Naganadel
- Gets moves like Crunch, Fire Fang, and Dragon Energy
- Good Ability in Dragon's Maw
- Lackluster Speed and garbage defenses

Go with Naganadel. It's very potent with Nasty Plot and Beast Boost, and can accomplish far more than Regidrago in most circumstances.

Naganadel @ Life Orb
Ability: Beast Boost
EVs: 252 Spe / 252 SpA / 4 HP
Timid Nature
- Nasty Plot
- Draco Meteor / Dragon Pulse
- Sludge Wave
- Flamethrower

Hope I helped!

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Thanks! You even gave a moveset to accompany it when I didn’t even ask. Thanks a lot!
You're welcome!