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I was just wondering if it is an optional strategy to build Vanilluxe tanky...

Vanilluxe @ Leftovers

Ability: Ice body
Nature: Modest (+ Sp. A -Att)
EVs: 128 Sp. A 100 Defense 127 HP 155 Sp. Defense
- Gain 1/16 of your max HP every round (Combined with Leftovers there will be 1/8)
- I have heard that it also increases Sp. Defense by 50 %
- And in addition boosting Blizzard to 100 % chance and plus 50 % damage

- Doing massive damage (1201.5(Hail)1.5(Vanilluxe is an ice type)) = 270

Acid Armor
- Increases defense by two stages

Light Screen
- Decreases foe's Sp. Attack damage by 50 % --> Same as doubling the Sp. Defense
- Combined with Hail: 1.5*2= 3 times the Sp. Defense --> Sp Attacks will do 33 % of ordinary damage

Are all of my maths true? Is this an optional way of building Vanilluxe or is it far better having better Sp. Attack coverage with Speed EVs?

I'll be very thankful if someone answer :-D

Oh he wants a tank. Oops =3

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Not tank-like as such, but it works as a Hail stall.

Vanilluxe @ Leftovers
Ability: Ice Body
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Speed, 4 Sp. Def
Nature: Timid
- Blizzard
- Toxic
- Substitute
- Protect

It's faster than Walrein, so at least it can set up Substitute then Toxic before anything else with Ice Body. Watch out for Rock Blast though.

Outside of Hail, there's no way Vanilluxe can stall, let alone tank. It's pure Ice typing and mediocre stats do not complement a tank set, coupled with a useless ability without of Hail.

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Then why is Hail missing from your recommended moveset?
Answers like this usually imply another user has a way to bring hail up either with Snow Warning or the move Hail, so that it fits on Hail teams. It leaves more flexibility for the receiver.