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I got some event Mewtwos from Pksm. They came with these moves. I wonder if there’s any use?

Please provide best movesets to use Mewtwo’s events moves.

This is for competitive, right? What format? I know that heal pulse is generally useless in singles, and electro ball is generally outclassed by thunderbolt.
This is for any format where Mewtwo can entirely make use of these moves.

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Hurricane covers only fighting, grass, and bug. Psychic and psyshock are better at covering fighting because they gets STAB, and flamethrower is better at covering grass and bug because it also covers steel. So hurricane is outclassed by psychic and flamethrower. Most Pokemon are not much slower than Mewtwo, so electro ball is almost always outclassed by thunderbolt or thunder. Heal pulse is good only on bulky Pokemon like Tapu Fini.

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What about heal pulse and electro ball?