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So is a Hasty Mewtwo good in Let's Go? many players prefer Timid to boost SPD or Modest for SP ATK. But I think Hasty is not bad either you get boost for SPD and lose little DEF while keeping ATK and SP ATK the same, this way you can set move sets for both of them any time.

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What physical moves would you want to use?
Brick Brake
Thunder Punch
Foul Play
In that case, why aren't you using a jolly Mewtwo for a bit of extra physical defense? Also Mewtwo can learn bulk up and recover, so why are you using thunder punch and foul play over those?
Wait jolly increases Defense and timid sp def? Didn't they both increase speed. I am confused.
Oh he means Speed when he says Spd.

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It's good on cart to be able to choose mega X or Y on the spot; Mewtwo usually carries Brick Break for fighting STAB because of this. Dedicated calm mind mega Y is also great, though.