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In X and Y, loads of people can heal your Pokemon, including Calem, Trevs, Tierno, and Shauna.

Why can't you?

They use their potions, they don't have special powers.

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Well, I guess it's GameFreak logic and besides, they heal your Pokemon at the events when you are about to face further challenges and the next or previous Pokemon Center is too far to travel. Then it would be a nuisance to white out and return miles away from where you were. It makes the game a bit easy. You can't heal their Pokemon because you don't need to. Why waste your Full Restores and Elixirs on Pokes that aren't even yours. It's stupid.Your friends help you because it's a basic theme of Pokemon: friendship, and P.S. they're not even good rivals because they have really weak Pokemon.

Hope I helped. P.S. You should know that many things are just that way because GameFreak wants it that way.

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  1. This is Game Freak we are talking about here.
    2.From what I have learned they may use full restores and/or max potion.
    3.The don't have powers.
    Hope I helped in anyway!
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Rivals heal your Pokemon, because they're obliged to. Don't get me wrong, but as protagonist (and a real person), it is destiny and skill, that makes you and your Pokemon stronger than everybody else in the game. Plus, more often than not, the rivals themselves need your help with certain parts of the game, such as crossing a difficult terrain, et cetera. So, to pay you back, rivals heal you up.

Another thing that strikes me is that the above mentioned case doesn't deal with exactly rivals, per se. As for the obvious main rival, (s)he doesn't generally heal your Pokemon, unless it is before a major boss battle (and you need your full strength) and he/she stupidly decides to fight with you, as opposed to the baddie (cuz screw logic), and therefore must make amends.

Anyway, the other answers given by Luke777 and DEOXYS123 are right as well, and it is done by GameFreak to help the player and reduce the difficulty (keep in mind tht a lot of young children play the game too)