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Specifically, post-game. I'm making my way through Poni Grove and onwards to Poni Coast, etc. (which is opened up after beating the Elite Four).

The only place I can see to heal is the Pokecenter all the way back in Seafolk Village. I can fly there on Charizard but depending on how far I am, can't fly all the way back...

So are there some characters in Poni Plains/Meadow/Coast/Gauntlet that will heal up your Pokemon?

(Not sure anyone else will be able to answer this yet since it's very late game, but throwing it out there just in case.)

Are there any Miltank in the overworld? I read somewhere about certain Miltanks in the game healing you, but I don't remember if it mentioned Poni Island or not.
Woah... I just realized Pokemaster asked this.

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Aside from the aforementioned Poké Centre, you can also heal up by talking to the Miltank in Hapu's house. I just did it. I will update if I find any more healing NPCs.

Lillie will heal your Pokémon the first time you travel through Vast Poni Canyon.

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There's also a PC at the battle tree, and you can deposit Pokemon there to revive or heal them.
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Unfortunately, the only Pokécenter on Poni Island is in Seafolk Town, since the island is so small.