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It seems like it's impossible no matter what you order or how many times you order, I doubt Game Freak would just put an area in the game just to make it impossible to access, but I don't know, maybe I've missed something, is it possible at all? What about if the game's story is finished?

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There have been several unreachable rooms in Pokemon. When people tried to use walk-through-walls hacks, they found that the doors were only decorations and didn't lead to rooms.
what about the genesect part in gen 5? @sumwun
Never heard of it.

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You can "technically" get up there, but you are unable to explore it. Once you beat the elite four and you order a meal there, the man at the counter exclaims that you're a "VIP." Then you just get a clip of yourself eating on the upper level. Other than that, you are unable to reach that area.

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