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I keep trying to defeat it but in vain. I'd like some tips.

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If you have a fairy type Pokemon , use it. Kommo-o is weak to Fairy moves by 4×. a fairy type is also resistance to kommo-o 's fighting move and immune to dragon move .While Mimikyu is also immune to it's Fighting and dragon moves.
I recommand mimikyu with disguise.
Hope I helped.

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Kommo-o is holding a Roseli berry, so you can't OHKO it.
Yes.It will be 2×.But fairy type is still immune  to dragon
It has Poison Jab, if you didn't know it had the move.
I know it. And a programme will not use supereffective move altime. And mimikyu has disguise, it keeps it safe from first move.
@Sapphire Rocks, look here under Dragon Trial and tell me you don't see that ANY of the foes have Flash Cannon. Kommo-o has Dragon Claw, Thunder Punch, Poison Jab, and Drain Punch.

I've flagged you,Sapphire Rocks
Let’s keep this civil, alright? No need to accuse people of lying, nobody is being malicious. If you think someone is incorrect, explain courteously and make sure you’ve cross-checked yourself.
Sorry, guys .i have read it on a nonsense page of bulbahandbook .
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Use Oricorio with a flyinium Z. Oricorio can be found at Ula'ula Meadow and will quickly learn air slash. The flyinium Z can be found at Ten Carat Hill. Make sure it's pom-pom form before battling so it's not weak to thunder punch. Have it use its air slash-based supersonic skystrike on the first turn, and continue using air slash until the Kommo-O faints.
Oricorio is better than most other options because it gets a good Z-move very early and it can use its type-changing capabilities to be useful against many opponents other than the Kommo-O at this trial.

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I used Mimikyu's Toxic and Golurk's Curse to complete the Dragon Trial because Toxic causes your opponent to lose an increasing amount of HP at the end of each turn and Curse cuts their remaining HP by 1/4.

I did this same thing to complete the Fairy Trial as well as the Ultra Necrozma "boss battle".
the necrozma battle was easy: [email protected] band survives and uses endevor, the faints. foretress with sturdy uses rapid spin=KO. also, i knocked out totem kommo-o in 1 hit (Mimikunium Z) the fairy trial was also easy, incineroar fire fang took it out in 2 hits (first was critical)