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I was able to snag most of the Pokemon in the Alola dex using the GTS. If I complete the Alola Dex and go to GameFreak's studio, could I get the Shiny Charm before going to Poni Island? This may sound weird, but I deeply desire to play through the story with my favorite shiny Pokemon, like Lucario and Haxorus.

You could hunt for shines after finishing the game, then trading those shinies to a friend. After restarting the game from scratch (DELETING YOUR SAVE FILE), you can retrieve those shinies and use them through your new adventure! This answer is absurd, but it’s another way. Lol

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I mean, sure. Anything is possible using the GTS, it will just take time. However, good luck getting someone to trade you a Cosmog for something that isn't a legendary. So, yes, but it will be extremely difficult without the ability to transfer Pokémon. So, once you complete the Alola Dex, all you need is access to GF's Studio and you can get the Shiny Charm. This would be impossible though if you didn't have the GTS or the ability to transfer Pokémon however.
Source: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/210930-pokemon-ultra-sun/76135817

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Thanks for the information, i'm very happy! I don't want to sound full of myself, but i did get all the legendaries already by trading away shinies that i got through wonder trade and chaining in the GTS. So far, i have 380 of the pokemon on the Alola Dex, i only need a few stray common ones.

02/08/2020 Update - I've completed my Alola Dex and have the shiny Charm. I'll write down how i did it for all future people looking at this question.
1 - Do Wonder Trade until you get a shiny or a legendary.
2 - If you don't want it, trade it away for something of equal value.
3 - Repeat the process.
4 - When you get bored, look up where some rare pokemon are and hunt them for some change.
5 - Go in the Poke Pelago and plant berries to Relax.
6 - Repeat step 1 and 2.
7 - Listen to some Music for Motivation
8 - The final but hardest part. Have faith that someone in the world is going to give what you need. There may be times where it seems impossible to get a certain Pokemon.
9 - Believe in Yourself. You are the only one who will open the path to happiness.