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I don't think the tags "in-game-team" and "strategy" are supposed to go together.
er...yes? I mean, why not? if it's ingame there's no reason not to, unless you're just messing around with megas.
just for stats. and in game elite four and strategy for competition. just both
Well, why not?
I use in-game strategy all the time.
So why is he even asking this question?

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Yes. It is worth it to mega evlove Salamence. Not only do all of its states increase, it also has the ability Arialate. Witch turns nomal type moves into flying type ones. Witch is usefull when battling Any Grass, Fighting, or Bug types, but not wanting a flying type move for regular battles.

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It's almost, if not entirely worth it to Mega Evolve Salamence. It gets increased bulk and offenses, plus Aerilate, an insanely good ability that changes Normal-type moves to Flying-type moves and gives them a power boost. Mega Salamence can steal games with just Dragon Dance and Return. The only thing you lose when Mega Evolving is Intimidate/Moxie. The only time I can think you'd be able to justify non-Mega Salamence is on a Scarfed set. Of course, there are environments where the Salamencite is banned, but for ingame and Wi-Fi purposes, Mega Salamence trumps vanilla Salamence any day.

Will you please stop ignoring tier-based battlers.
What do you mean? I don't understand what I did wrong. He basically said this was for in-game anyways. I'm also not very experienced in tier-based battling, so it's logical to write less about it than guess about it. I'm not ignoring it, I'm playing it safe.
mega salamence in wi-fi rating battles is questionable because moxie boosted normal salamence hits hard but its almost never a good idea to take Flying Dragon or any dual weakness pokemon into rating battles and salamence has hp ice dual weakness the worst kind of weakness because mostly everyone brings a counter to chocie scafe garchomp