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In Omega Ruby, I need a flyer, and I'm thinking of Salamence, but, Salamence can only be obtained late in the game. Is it worth it?

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I don't think Salamence would be useful for an In-Game Team considering it takes forever to level up and evolve. If you need a Flyer (which you generally don't need in ORAS due to the Eon Flute doing the exact same thing as Flying) Get a Rufflett or a Wingull. :P
Why would you use Salamence when you could be using Tropius or [email protected]? Neither of them need any evolution to learn fly.
Well, as much as I hate to say it, Tropius is crap, so you probably don't want to use it as a team member (unless you really love Tropius or don't care), but you could use it just as a flyer.
How is it crap when it can learn 5 HM moves and 1 of them is fly?
I think he meant that, taking into account weaknesses, he is crap. Weaknesses are a major factor Ingame
Weaknesses don't matter for HM slaves.

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Personally, I would not be willing to wait until after the eighth gym for a team member, but Salamence is one of the better pseudo-legendaries. Obviously, it's stat total comes out to being 600. It has great attacking stats, good speed and alright defenses with a nice HP stat. It depends on what you want. I like to grow bonds with my team, so before the seventh gym my team is closed, but Salamence is a really great Pokémon. Some other good flyers could be Swellow and Altaria (with Altarianite of course). For the later section of the game, you don't even need a flyer on your team as you can use Latias/os without it even being in your party. But like Stakatacool said, it would take forever to level up seeing that you get Bagon in the thirties (I think). If you don't mind waiting forever for a Pokémon and then needing to train it up about twenty levels for it to be effective, go for it. If you just want a Pokémon that will destroy the Pokémon League (except for Glacia if Flamethower doesn't OHKO) and don't mind such a long wait, definitely. Oops, a bit too long!

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Why would you level grind for a pseudo-legendary after the eighth gym when you can get a real legendary for free after the fifth gym?
Some people don't like using legendaries.
And some people prefer to use Pseudo-Legendaries just for the fun.