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I know that Luvdisc and Rattata are golden

Magickarp, togetic, sunkern, togekiss, togepi, charmander, charmeleon off the top of my head, oh and i think the bulbasaur and sandile familys are also golden
I know a Latias is golden when shiny and luxray has gold on it aswell
All i know is Machoke
Arceus too
someone just put all these comments into an awnser

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Togepi,Latias,Luxray, the Sandile family and the Bulbasaur family,Caterpie,Weedle,Pidgeot,
Arbok,Vulpix,Parasect,Bellsprout and the Geodude family.

These are just some of the Pokemon gold while shiny.

Just go in to the shinydex and you can see all Pokemon in shiny.

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shedinja is also gold
bulbasaur isn't gold while shiny...
You forgot Klinklang