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Currently, my Sawk has this move set (I don't EV train, I just battle among friends. When X and Y come out, then I will EV train).

Luigi (Sawk) - Male, Level 92 (it will be level 100 at the end of the night)
Ability - Inner Focus
Item - Choice Band/Choice Scarf
Nature - Docile (Neutral)

Close Combat - STAB, massive power
Stone Edge - deals with Flying types, high power and critical hit ratio
Poison Jab - coverage, chance of poisoning
Earthquake - coverage, high power, high accuracy

I don't know if I should replace Ice Punch for Poison Jab or not. There is only a 5 power difference between the two, and Poison Jab covers only Grass, while Ice Punch covers Flying, Dragon, Grass, and Ground at the cost of a lower power.

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i saw all the the answers, and i cant add to any of it, there all good answers, so im only gonna give an opinion. ICE PUNCH! ive always thought of poison as the worst move for coverage, and ice as one of the best.

Although, well see with fairy
Thank you everyone for helping me out :) As soon as I get enough shards, I'm immediately going to teach Ice Punch to my Sawk (who just reached level 100 now)

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Personally I would Replace Poison Jab with Ice Punch, Simply Because It covers more types (Including the one Poison Jab Covers), Even if it means Sacrificing a bit of power, because, In a way, you would actually be power by the Power of types. But if you find a stronger Ice type move than Ice punch, I would Recommend you Sawk learn that one (if it is able).
Hope I helped! :)

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The best option would be Ice Punch, and like Candy Cake Chef Barx said, it would be more useful although it has less power. Besides, not only does Ice Punch give better coverage but it also takes care of grass types which is probably the only reason to get poison jab in the first place. I don't really like poisoning and burning, but even if you prefer to use them, Poison Jab doesn't always poison the enemy. I personally don't think it's worth the risk considering the horrible coverage of poison type attacks. With your current moves and Ice Punch, you basically cover almost every single type in existence!

Hope I helped.
I think that  all those moves work like ice punch, fire punch, thunder punch, and poison jab. Sometimes ice will freeze your opponent if you are lucky but like fire, thunder, and poison will have 100% chance to work.
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I don't know why, but I'd choose Ice Punch.

It will cause a heap of trouble for all those pesky Flying-type Pokemon that will attempt to attack your Sawk with super-effective moves. It inflicts slightly less damage then Poison Jab, but I think this is regained because Poison Jab has a shot of poisoning the foe while Ice Punch has a shot of freezing the foe, leaving the foe helpless.

Hope I helped. :)

They could thraw out instantly which is a waste