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Why are there so no physical fighting type move that are like, "normal" eighty power physical move? (Excluding Body Press because it uses defense stat and that isn't normal) There is Aura Sphere but it's special and barely any fighting type mons are special.

Weird how ice rock and steel types are usually physically bulky and fighting type move are physical
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It could be because of the fact that the fighting type is "strong". Superpower, close combat, focus blast, focus punch, high jump kick, Meteor assault, etc. Then on the other hand, a weak fighter essentially is nothing, it cant help much: Karate chop, brick break, rock smash, etc. There isn't much of an in between, and so there aren't very many in between 80 power moves. Oh, and I wanna add, submission can be learned by a decent amount of Pokemon, but it has 80 accuracy and has recoil, so its like worse than power-up-punch

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