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I know that there are a lot of Rock- and Fighting-type gyms (including grand trials), but I never knew why. So why?

I'm pretty sure there are more electric gyms than rock gyms.
there are five electric-type gyms. There are six rock-type gyms (including Grand Trials)

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Fighting - because gym leaders are usually seen as strong and challenges on your way to becoming champion. Fighting fits this description, being a generally strong type and they're skilled at fighting (if they weren't, they wouldn't be fighting types :P)

Rock - probably because Rock is also seen as a strong type. They're study and hurt to be hit with, so it also makes a gym leader seem tough, like a rock.

Oh and Game Freak wanted it that way :P

Hope this helps! :)

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I'm sorry but I don't think there is an answer to this, you can't really know why because I have asked that before in my mind looked for stuff and there is nothing I'm sorry to say.
Same. We don't exactly know, but that's the way game freak wanted it.
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Rock and Fighting are generally regarded as "tough' types in the Pokemon games. As Gym Leaders are supposed to be tough, it stands to reason why they would use these types. Rock type Gyms are most likely used, especially early on, to teach the player about type advantages, as it interacts with all three starter types in some way. There's also usually a surplus of Rock and Fighting types in Pokemon regions, making the Gym Leaders have more variety.

This is, of course, pure speculation. Game Freak hasn't said why these Gyms are created as much as they are.

Hope I helped!

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Rock types and Fighting types are generally tough and strong literally.

Rock type gyms are usually first gyms as it has type advantages or disadvantages to the starters' type. Even Ground types have, but Rock types are at the disadvantageous side, having 5 weaknesses rather than the Ground types which have only 3 weaknesses, thus making the first gym easier to pass through.

Talking about fighting types, they have 5 strengths (its moves super effective), thus making it hard to defeat them. There are many fighting types also, thus giving the gym leaders a good combo. Ground types aren't there much despite of its 5 strength because of lack of variety.

I'm comparing Rock and Fighting types to Ground types because even they have the potential to become like these types, but the mentioned drawbacks pull them back.

Also, as everyone said, Game Freak wanted it that way!

Hope it helps!