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Molly is in my White Forest at the moment, and I'm trying to catch an Azurill. I've been running through grass for about 20-30 minutes, and all I get are Rhyhorns, Hoppips and Wurmples (corresponding to the three other NPCs in my White Forest right now).

So do I just have bad luck?

try in the water?
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Yeah, you're just incredibly unlucky. 45 minutes is a ridiculous amount of time.

Do you have Pokemon Black/White 2? If so, you can find Azurill in Floccessy Ranch pretty frequently. Catch one and trade it over to your White version. You can always keep trying, but it looks like the Ranch will be quicker, those Azurills at White Forest are giving you a hard time. :/

I do but trading it over is my last resort. I only have one DS so trading is a bit of a hassle since I can't do it by myself. :x
Oh, sorry. I'm used to having six DS' avaliable to me, three of which I own myself.
Anyways, good luck with everything.
You have three DS'? :O
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Have you used surf on the pool of water?If you have try running through different patches of grass instead of one patch.

I've ran through every patch of grass for about 45 minutes. I also surfed, but I only found the Pokemon listed on Bulbapedia that were available via surfing. Azurill is nowhere to be seen. :/
hmmmm....are you sure its azurill??
http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/White_Forest - I'm sure. Molly was the person I spoke to, so Azurill should be there. It's not anyone else, since it says "Molly:" in her speech bubble.