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I am starting a Pokemon White game. I want to know the exact day when I reach the forest the forest will have 25 population and 10 occupancy (max in short). So what is the exact amount of days (or range)?

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> New NPCs can only be brought into White Forest by inviting them from Black City via the Entralink.

I have never heard of what  you are saying, but I have heard of the above thing to get new NPC's



  [1]: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/White_Forest
This doesn't answer the question...
IDK. I have never heard of NPC's appearing because of thw number of days,but i knew baout this
If you don't really understand the question, then you should ask a clarifying question.
Pls read the bulbapedia article clearly it says

When the player enters the white forest for the first time the number of npc is determined by the day took to reach the white forest.

So I wanted to know how many day is required to get the max npcs. And the number of grass patch, building size, water pond also depends on the day it took you to reach white forest. And that is the main purpose of this question. Thank you.

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Okay I did some research and found out that most people got a ‘relatively’ crowded White Forest when they beat the E4 in under a week. Three to six days should be the time limit when most number of NPCs can be found in the forest. However, different sources say different things. While most say that more people will be present the quicker you beat the game, some people found their forest to be empty when they reached there in 1 to 2 days. I am sorry I couldn’t provide a more reliable answer. This game mechanics hasn’t been properly explained by the designers and I can’t play White myself. Still I think 3 to 6 days is best time limit to find greatest number of NPCs in White Forest. Hope I helped:))