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It's someone's Cresselia that Im trying to defeat in the battle subway,and it's not runing out of it's protect and moonlight...Creepy.Is this a glitch? I can only attack it somethimes if it faild to protect and if she runs out of her moonlight, but she's not runing out of it!

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I don't think NPC Battlers can run out of PP.
It's weird, I stayed in the battle as long as I could, but it wasn't running out of it's pp so that I have a chance in defeating it.

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Protect has 10 PP, and if the trainer's cresselia has a PP max, protect will have 16 PP

Moonlight has 5 PP, and if the trainer's cresselia has a PP max, moonlight will have 8 PP

So it really depends on how many times the cresselia used Protect and moonlight, and because you don't have the total numbers, it's possible it just spammed protect like 12 times and moonlight 6 times and you just think that it used more then the amount of PP it has.

I think it did used moonlight and protect more then the amount it suppose to have.