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How can Poliwhirl evolve if I'm trading it with someone? I mean, if you want a Politoed then you wont get it, because you traded it with someone so you will never get it, how do I get a Politoed?

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Just trade the same pokemon.

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Simple answer: you trade back after. Find someone who you can trust to trade with, typically someone who is also using the trade to evolve their Pokemon. Then, once the trade is complete, trade back each Pokemon, so then both you and the other trainer both have their Pokemon evolved.

In summary, trade with someone you trust, then trade back

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You can simply get another game (or a trustworthy friend's game), trade your King's Rock Poliwhirl to your other game, and trade back.

Some good things you can do is get the King's Rock Poliwhirl on your other game, and trade it to your actual game. That's a lot quicker. :3

Also, you might see some nice people in the GTS offering a Poliwhirl with a King's Rock. It's respectful when other people do that sort of stuff, so don't hold back if you see something like that. ;)

Hope I helped. :)

Thankz to you too!