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what level should i evole polywhirl into polywrath with the water stone? idk if I should at 25 or not, if it would be better too wait, please answer back

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Just wait to see when Josh says "Poliwrath? Evolve it into Politoad."
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The only move Poliwhirl has that is worth Poliwrath having is Belly Drum. You get Belly Drum at level 37. But if you don't want to use Belly Drum (I would suggest not getting Belly Drum) then just evolve it at whatever level it is now.

Above is the competitive answer. For ingame use, evolve Poliwhirl right away. Belly Drum sucks ingame, so don't even bother waiting for it if all you are using Poliwrath for is to go through the game. None of the moves Poliwhirl learns are better for ingame than TMs or HMs are.

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The only downside to using a stone on a pokemon to make it evolve is the lack of moves. Look up Poliwirl's level-up moves first and make absolutely certain that you don't want any of them. If you see a move he learns that you like, have him learn it first. Once you have all the moves you want from Poliwhirl, you are ready to evolve it into Poliwrath.

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