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There's all these videos on youtube of people battling using six Pokemon and any legendary they want to use but the only way I know of to battle is the one where you use 3 Pokemon and no main legendaries or special event Pokemon in the pokemarket is there something you have to do?

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Are you talking about the battle frontier? All of these people on youtube are doing wifi battles.
He's referring to the Random Matchup option above the Global Trade option when you speak to the lady upstairs to the far right in the Pokecenter. Hope I cleared that up(:

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Judging from the comment you want to do this over Random Match-ups which isnt possible. The youtubers you watch are doing wifi battles thriugh the wifi club which means they have their opponets FC. Wether they are friends with that person or just found them on the Smogon Battle Finder, they are doing a battle in the wifi club where they cam put on no restrictions and battle the way you described.

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