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Originally, I was going to ask what the lowest possible amount of Exp. Points can be earned from a battle, but then I realized that the answer to that is simple: 0, because Level 100 Pokemon can no longer gain experience. That being said, is there any way a Pokemon can only gain 1 Exp. Point from a battle? I am aware that the experience system varies across games, so if this is possible, what games can it be done in?

Note: I only want answers that mention actual battles that can occur in-game. So if your answer says that you can get 1 Exp. Point from battling a Level 1 [insert Pokemon here], then you MUST be able to find that Pokemon and battle it at Level 1.


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The lowest possible number of experience points for a single Pokémon to obtain in a single battle is one. This can be done in Generation V by defeating a wild level 1 Patrat, Purrloin, or any other Pokémon with a base experience yield lower than 100, using a level 99 Pokémon.
Before Generation V, this could be done by defeating a wild level 1 Magikarp (such as the ones at the resort area) and splitting the experience points between three battling Pokémon.

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