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I Got a cheat to Encounter Blissey's in the wild and I've been Grinding by Killing them, lots of them.... (all the bodies, ALL THE BODIES!!! D:) I like Killing blissey's Because of how easy They are to Kill, But 2 of My Pokemon (Poliwag & Bayleef) Don't have Physichal moves so cant fight Blissey's, What would be a good Substitute that Those two Could Fight? (There Movesets are Pathetic) thanks C:

btw, this is in Crystal


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Blissey give out more experience than any other Pokemon in any generation. If you can't beat them easily, I suggest hacking up some TM 06 Toxic. Since it deals damage as a percentage of the foe's HP over time, it kills anything not immune in about seven turns. Every Pokemon that can learn TMs can learn Toxic, and it's actually recommended on Pokemon like Bayleef and Meganium, who have pitiful attack otherwise. Bayleef can also use Leech Seed for more passive damage goodness.

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Nothing gives more exp then blissey! :O
Anyway errm you could try Chansey. Also massive HP/SpD but not as bad. xD
Alternatively get a lucky egg (8% chance from Blissey/Chansey) and go vs some more mundane Pokemon in the wild (Victory Road/Mt.Silver) , or just exp share your Pokemon and go kill Red/Elite 4/ Cal over and over again.
Orrr if your using cheats Rare Candy/Exp Hack cheat. :D

Sorry for the dodgy answer ;-;

Lucky Egg! great idea