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which one is better sure rhyperior has the high attack and defense but Tyranitar has balanced game in him I'm just wondering which is better to put in a team with Gardevoir, Dusknoir, Magmortar, Slaking, and prolly Kingdra


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Well, let's take a look at them.


HP: 115
Attack: 140
Defense: 130
Sp Attack: 55
Sp Defense: 55
Speed: 40

Viable Physical Moves (One of each type)
Rock Wrecker
Superpower/Hammer Arm
Poison Jab
Aqua Tail
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch
Iron Head
Shadow Claw

Viable Abilities
Solid Rock: Great ability, keeps him alive longer
Reckless: Powers up recoil moves

The mighty Tyranitar!

HP: 100
Attack: 134
Defense: 110
Sp Attack: 95
Sp Defense: 100
Speed: 61

Viable Moves
Well, I'm lazy, so I won't list them. Tyranitar's movepool is slightly larger, just by 1 or 2 more moves I think, so it wins, because it can use special moves.

Sand Stream: Causes a sandstorm and gets an awesome special defense boost.

So I would go for... Tyranitar! It has more balanced all around stats, and resists Dark type moves for your team. Even though the rest of your team will be hurt by Sandstorm, it isn't really that big of a deal and lefties can fix that. Plus, T-Tar gets that special defense boost, making it a monster to take down.

I may have overdid it, but I had some time to kill, and what better to do than list the stats, moves and abilities of them. :P Hope I helped you make a decision. :)

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Rock Wrecker is not powered up by Reckless, for it does not give recoil damage.
Oh I was thinking of Head Smash :P
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Tyranitar is the better Pokemon, but it's ability brings every Pokemon on your team down. Rhyperior has better physical strenght and bulk, but Tyranitar has an above average base stat in just about every category. T-tar also is way more versatile with it's extraordinary learn set.

Go with Tyranitar if you value the versatility.
Go with Rhyperior if you value the synergy.