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I wanted a ground type with high hp for my team(no swampert) and dont know which I should go with. I dont know if your allowed to do this but my team is gengar,houndoom,breloom,gyarados,and skarmory, if this helps out a little here. So which one gets the job done more rhyperior or mamoswine?

Ps:they will both be adamant nature and rhyperior will serve as a tank and mamoswine as a physical sweeper,stealth rocker,and possibly be a dragon killer.


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Rhyperior - would pro only be better has better stats and solid rock cuts down damage of super effective moves by 30%
Both can set up stealth rocks I would use equake megahorn stone edge and thunder gang maybe holding life orb

Moswine - is best on a hail team
It's ability activates and blizzard ext hit 100%

So I would use Rhyperior
But I'm guessing this is a gen IV team if it is you should mention

You could also use flygon and garchomp

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oh yea forgot to mention, youre right this is for gen IV. Thanks, ill prob go with rhyperior
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I would defiently pick Mamoswine becuase it has much less weaknesses. This would also Get you Priority with Ice Shard and Stealth Rocker. Even with Solid Rock Rhyperior gets owned by the slightest special attack.