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For my team on Pokemon Black 2.


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Okay so without straight knowing your team here's my suggestion
First their base stats
60 HP
90 Atk
55 Def
90 SpA
80 SpD
100 Spe
90 HP
75 Atk
75 Def
115 SpA
90 SpD
55 Spe

Raichu has higher speed and attack but worse bulk and special attack.
Raichu also has a better movepool (in my opinion) with access to similar moves as Ampharos and also Nasty Plot.

Since bulk doesn't matter that much in games, and the whole thing is to hit hard and hit fast, I'd choose Raichu. He outspeeds most of the NPC Pokemon, hits hard and can hit both physically and specially unlike ampharos who is limited to specially

Therefore I'd choose Raichu

Hope I helped and GL choosing!

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No problem! ^_^ I use raichu on my Pokemon Black team. So awesome xD
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It all depends on what you are looking for personally in a Pokemon. Raichu has better Atk. and it also has more Spd.
On the other hand Ampharos has more Hp, Def, Sp. Def and Sp. Atk. Ampharos' problem in my opinion is his/her speed. In a double battle, for example, since it has low speed it can easily be targeted by faster Pokemon and can get K.Od without it even attacking... But you can always E.V train him/her... On the other hand, if you are looking for a Pokemon that may be useful in strategy then Ampharos can help you with that since it can learn some moves to lower special defenses etc etc... but looking closely Raichu can also...
Now its all up to you. :)

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I honestly think both of these Pokemon are pretty epic. But if I had to choose one, it would be Raichu. It has better attack and it can be really fast if you evolve it from Pikachu while Pikachu knows agility. I hope this helped and if it didn't then tell me.

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Ampharos is better. Stat wise, Raichu will only come in handy compared to Ampharos speed wise(Also attack, but they both have higher special attack). Concerning move pools, Ampharos' is more special based. which works more to it's advantage more than it would for Raichu . Overall, Ampharos tops Raichu when it comes to stats, and move pools.

I'm not the only one now that thinks amphy is better! Thx blazing !
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my opinion : choose amphy. Yes, rai does have better spd. & atk. but excuse me Sempiternus, but I think amphy's moveset is better. Nothing so great was added to raichu from pika but grass knot , nasty plot for me is a wasted move slot. A steelix could come in and equake raichu while it sets up and raichu is down to only a blobbish 55 base defense . Amphy could survive it and switch out defense doesn't matter a lot in games, I to like to OHKO poke like MY AMPHY does. My moveset for amphy would be signal beam, charge , discharge and thunder. Signal beam is for the confusion effect,charge is for increasing sp.atk of electric moves while raising your sp.def for safety of survival . Discharge is for that 30% paralyze chance which can help your speed a bit and get stab which gives you 120 power including stab effect. Thunder is for extreme sweeping capabilities . Discharge , paralyze , charge then thunder is a good sweeper set. Plus amphy can support all starters. Chesnaught by covering that flying weakness. Greninja by doing some huge amount of damage or OHKO because fighting types ( one of Greninja's weaknesses ) don't have the best sp.def so amphy could take a hit and hit harder. And Delphox by covering that water weakness.Not to mention that amphy has an almost like 99.99% godly sp.atk and poor rai would have stare in awe on how amphy takes that hit like a boss and does the discharge, paralyze , charge & thunder combination and a little signal beam confusion for a little more damage.Just telling, speed is not the most essential stat to win battles , in my pearl game , I chose piplup and raised empoleon's level to Lv. 100 . Empoleon's speed is not high like amphy's but still has huge sweeping power.Only empoleon was the poke I used to beat Cynthia despite its not so good speed. Not to mention that some people here take multiple times to beat her. Empoleon wasn't even Lv. 100 when we beat her, but he was over leveled . He was Lv. 86. Amphy is a electric type and FYI alder's and iris' Pokemon aren't walling or tanking based. So amphy can be useful . A very long answer but at least it has some points.