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dont you tell me eevee isnt in it is in Pokemon black

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Do you perhaps mean White/Black 2? Because from what I can tell Eevee can't be obtained in White or Black without trading.
Also just because it's in one game does not mean it's in the other. Some pokemon are version exclusive.

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I'm sorry, but it cannot be found in Pokemon White or Black. It can only be obtained through trading. :(

However, you can get it in Black/White 2 by climbing up the stairs in the Castelia Sewers. There will be tall grass, and there is a 5% chance to encounter one. You also get one from Amanita in Castelia City.

Sorry for the bad news, but I hope I helped! :) Source

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Also Amanita in Fennel's lab. Eevee has it's hidden ability when you get it from them ^_^
Thanks, I added that :)