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With this team and 1 or 4 changes.
My team: Jirachi Name: JIRACHI. Hp: 312 Lv: 89 Item: Figy Berry. Nature: Lonely ): Attack: 229 Defense: 189 Sp.Atk: 218 Sp.Def: 209 Speed: 250 Ability: Serene Grace. Moves: Psychic Doom desire Fly: (Can not delete fly unless nessecary) Draco Meteor next up: Giratina Name: GIRATINA. Hp: 229 Attck: 141 Def: 123 (:D 123) Sp.atk: 120 Sp.def: 142 Speed: 105 Ability: Pressure Lvl: 53 Item Figy Berry Moves: Psychic Aerial Ace Defog Shadow Force (NO TOUCHING SHADOW FORCE) Next in line is: Azumarill Lv: 43 Item: Wave Incense Hp: 143 Attack: 51 Defense: 79 Sp.Atk: 56 Sp.Def: 80 Speed: 54 Ability thick fat. Moves: Bubble beam Aqua ring Strength Surf Next! Feraligatr Lvl: 54 Item: Wikipedia Berry. (Wiki Berry) Hp: 168 Attack: 121 Defense: 138 Sp.Atk: 107 Sp.Def: 104 Speed: 108 Ability: Torrent Moves: Cut Rock Climb Waterfall Shadow claw Next is Azelf and Uxie with uxie holding figi berry and Azelf a sticky barb I don't have Infernape/Empoleon/Torterra.

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Can someone please edit this post? I'm sorry, it's just really hard to read. >.<

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Sorry since its a pain to constantly look up I'm going to reorganise what I see above :P (No EVs or Stats since thats useless ingame :P)
Jirachi @ Figy Berry (LV 89)
Ability : Serene Grace
- Psychic
- Doom desire:
- Fly
- Draco Meteor

Giratina @ Figy Berry (LV 53)
Ability : Pressure
- Psychic
- Aerial Ace
- Defog
- Shadow Force

Azumarill @ Wave Incense (LV 43)
Ability : Thick Fat
- Bubble beam
- Aqua ring
- Strength
- Surf

Feraligator @ Wiki Berry (LV 54)
Ability : Torrent
- Cut
- Rock Climb
- Waterfall
- Shadow claw

Azelf @ Sticky Barb
Ability : Levitate
Moves: ??? (Possibly the moves you got it with)

Uxie @ Figi Berry
Ability : Levitate
Moves : ???

Okay so the Elite 4 (E4 right? :P) are Aaron, Bertha, Flint and Lucian with the Champion being Cynthia.
Aaron battles with;
Level 49 Yanmega and Scizor, Level 50 Vespiquen, Level 51 Heracross, Level 53 Drapion
Bertha battles with:
Level 50 Whiscash, Level 53 Gliscor, Level 52 Golem & Rhypherior, Level 55 Hippowdon
Flint battles with;
Level 52 Houndoom, Level 53 Rapidash, Level 55 Flareon & Infernape, Level 5 Magmortar
Lucian battles with:
Level 53 Mr. Mime, Level 54 Bronzong, Lvel 55 Espeon, Level 56 Alakazam, Level 59 Gallade
And the Champion, Cynthia battles with:
Level 58 Spiritomb&Milotic&Roserade, Level 60 Togekiss and Lucario, Level 62 Garchomp

Your Jirachi is completely overpowered at level 89 so yeah it can probably take the whole league by itself. In the case that this is in fact a typo then;
Defog is completely useless on Giratina. Replace it with Earth Power (Level 60)/Ancient Power
Azumarill is acceptable ingame though you might want to change Bubblebeam to something like Ice Punch
Feraligator.. please get rid of cut. Replace it with Crunch/Ice Fang
Azelf. I dunno but I'd suggest running a Nasty Plot set with Psychic, Shadow ball and another move
With Uxie I'd probably replace it with a fire type or something to deal with Aaron easily.
However Azumarill is completely underlevelled and all your Pokemon should be at last like mid 50s or something before taking on the Elite 4. If you do get them to that point then here's what happens at the elite 4: Aaron gets killed by fire types, but if you dont' have one fly jirachi will make do. Bertha is easy, you have Feraligator and Azumarill. Flint same thing. Lucian gets a little annoying, but Giratina can handle it and Jirachi can take out Gallade with a little luck and if you run the Azelf set I suggested, then Azelf has this in the bag.
Cynthia gets complicated. Having an Ice-type attack (Ice Fang/Ice Punch on Azu/Fera) will make this alot simpler since it destroys Togekiss, Garchomp and Roserade. The others, just hammer them dead with like Draco Meteor.

GL beating the Elite4, sorry about the big block of text and hope I helped!

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Not editing this into my Answer but. ._. If you sold all your TMs I demand you go right back to Veilstone and ask for a refund. Nah, just go buy like. Fire Blast and Thunder and Blizzard and spam your way through. And get heart scales and go to the move-relearner in Pastoria city and relearn some better moves D:
Lol no problem. Also on the topic of Heart Scales you can get them by catching Pokemon for the newspaper editor in Solaceon Town, digging underground or using the Dowsing App at some spots.
You should put the TM taunt on someone for Lucian's Alakazam. It has calm mind, i think.
In regards to the fire type you can grab the electric type Electabuzz at  level 39-41 on route 222. Then go to the move tutor on route 212, learn Fire Punch though you need some shards. You can also get Ice Punch if you want.
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Get rid of Defog on giratina, and slap on another move, like Dragon Claw.
Also, catch a really bulky Death Fodder like Chansey. Train it up to a good level.
You'll need it.

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And what good will that do? Sorry. But i just don't agree.
Cynthia's garchomp, remember.
Also, you'll get STAB on Dragon Claw, while Defog doesn't really do anything
Oh god... I forgot i bought 99 of each berry in the department store so i sold all my TMs
I said i was stupid and sold all of my tms for items and helps for the E4
Or just get Draco Meteor on Giratina and spam your way to victory :P