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My team:

Staraptor Lv 39
Roserade Lv. 37
Gabite Lv. 37
Empoleon Lv. 38
Luxray Lv. 37
Kadabra Lv. 37

Froslass swept my team.

I think Empoleon is your best bet.
do u have any fire types u can level up? Also, level up some and use steel type moves.
I beat Cynthia with a Lvl 47 team and it wasn't even hard. I would recommend a rock type
Getting new team members will slow you down by a lot. I think the easiest thing to do is make sure Empoleon knows flash cannon and Staraptor knows close combat, and those 2 moves (and maybe 1 or 2 more levels) should be enough, especially when Empoleon resists all of Froslass's moves.
Froslass is immune to close combat :p
The idea was to have Staraptor one-shot Sneasel and Piloswine...
Yeah that makes sense

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First - level up your team a bit.

Get them to about Lvl. 42 - Lvl. 45

Sneasel vs. Empoleon

Take it down with any Steel STAB

Piloswine vs. Roserade

Roserade's high SpA stat and Spe against Plioswine's meh SpDef and poor Spe could work. Use a move like Energy Ball.

Abomasnow vs. Staraptor

Knock it out using Aerial Ace / Wing Attack / Fly, whichever Flying STAB you have.

Empoleon vs. Froslass

Any Steel STAB you have would work

Or you could just use Empoleon against everything, just watch out for Piloswine. Using Roserade and Staraptor may be a bit risky, but their good Spe and high SpA / Atk could OHKO / 2HKO them.

Hope I helped!

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I'm pretty sure that leveling up the team now is a waste of time, especially when Empoleon already resists all of Froslass's moves and can 2HKO it.
Lvl 38 84 SpA Empoleon Flash Cannon vs. Lvl 44 0 HP / 0 SpD Froslass: 92-110 (71.3 - 85.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Also flash cannon is significantly better than all of Empoleon's other steel moves, and close combat and crunch on Staraptor and Luxray, respectively, can also be very helpful.