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I always wanted a Masquerain ever since I battled one in Emerald, and I finally got one in Black 2, but is it a really good Pokemon? What are some pros and cons for it so I can raise one better?


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Generally, Masquerain is not a very good Pokemon and is outclassed very easily.
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  • Masquerain has very bad base stats. None of its stats reach 85 Base Stat, which is mediocre at best.
  • It loses its Water type when it evolves, which means it loses the good offensive typing it had as a Surskit and gains a type that is not useful to it at all (Flying), and provides it a 4x weakness to Stealth Rock, decreasing its longevity.
  • It is weak to 5 types and resists just 3.
  • It is very slow, and is revenge killed very easily.


  • It has access to Quiver Dance, though just about every other Butterfly-like Pokemon has it too.
  • Decent movepool consisting of Whirlwind, Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Shadow Ball, Hydro Pump, Energy Ball, Roost, Scald, Agility and Blizzard, although it can't make very good use of most of those moves.
  • Its Ability Intimidate, which helps its poor physical bulk.
  • It can Baton Pass Quiver Dance to other Pokemon, although Venomoth is better for that.
  • 4x resistance to Fighting, but you'll find that in every other Bug/Flying type.

Masquerain isn't really worth using; almost everything it does it is outclassed in. Butterfree, Beautifly and Venomoth are all better choices for Bug/Flying type Quiver Dance sweepers.

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Thanks for your answer. I wanted one for so long, only to find that it's not even necessary to battle with. But hey, at least it looks cool! :D
No problem. :)
But yeah, Masquerain has a pretty cool design but it fails to make itself stand out in the crowd of other butterfly Pokémon.
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Cons in battling is that it is weak to rocks but you can always work around that.
Pros it can learn quiver dance I think which is a great move and in its tier it's quite underused so you can come up with some cool sets, I think it also learns baton pass so its very useful if you want to pass set up. Butits not that special since there are many bug flying Pokemon who do the same job of course like butterfree and beautifly.