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I need a Q-dance passer but I can't decide: Masquerain is statistically worse and has more weaknesses but has intimidate which can soften the blow to the Pokemon you pass to. Venomoth has a better type and stats, He also has Sleep powder which can get you some extra boosts in. So which one is really better?


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Venomoth, in my opinion.
Even though Masquerain has Intimidate, Pokemon could still go Special on him and take him down. He has that 4x Rock weakness. Easy OHKO. However, Masquerain has a slightly better Defense (2 base points higher)than Venomoth
Venomoth has better stats, and as you said, has access to a sleeping move(Sleep Powder), a confusion ove(Supersonic), and Atrract, making your Quiver Dance setup a LOT easier. Venomoth doesn't have a 4x weakness like Masqurein does and it has a better SDef, helping it survive a potential OHKO.
So, once again, I would go with Venomoth.