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Okay, so I've hit a bit of a predicament in my Pokemon Ruby team. I already have a Treecko, Porygon, and Dratini in my team (Yeah, yeah, yeah, you gotta love a Gameshark. =P).

I just beat the pants off of Wattson, and I'm thinking of spending about an hour to catch a new Pokemon for my team and get it up to the rest of my team's standards.

My team's level average is about 24, and I'm debating whether I should catch Surskit to evolve into a Masquerain, or a Nincada to get a Shedinja (I know, I want Shedinja over Ninjask. Sue me.)

Anyway, my point is to ask for which Pokemon may be the better choice, considering stats, usefulness, current team members, etc.

Any ideas? (PS: Sorry for the novel I wrote as the question body.)

Gotta hate gameshark.......
Masquerain is SO BOSS that you should use him, and if you do use him UR SO BOSS

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Masquerain statistically speaking would be a better choice due to

movepool and stats.

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Okay cool, I see your point.
I say use Shedinja!
masquerain is common
if you form superb strategies with TMs i guess Shedinja's wonderguard would be a killer against the champion