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If it is useless in single battles and it only works if your faster than your opponent it seems pointless and a waste of 48 BP.

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Quash is really a kind of useless move without any use apart from possibly doubles. Its affect makes the opponent moves last provided that the opponent's move is of the same priority bracket as Quash (being 0 or a normal move). The best use I could possibly think of is to make an opponent go after one of your Pokemon who uses a phazing move/trick room in a doubles battle.
It is however completely useless ingame so just let it sit there forever :P

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thanks again knightofdragon what would we do without you?
run around like headless chickens :O or read the answer below. xD
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Quash is generally a move for use in Doubles and Triples. It can be useful for revenge killing an opponent on low health by making them move last and having an ally finish them off without being harmed or guaranteeing a Pokemon gets to set up without worrying about a Taunt, for example.

There are definitely moves that were made for use only in Doubles and Triples like Helping Hand, and Quash is just another one of those.

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