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I have a Shaymin and I wanted to know how and if I can change it into sky forme in Black 2. I select the gracidea flower then choose Shaymin but it says "It won't have any effect" help please! ._.

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Yes, it is possible.

If you bring a fateful encounter Shaymin to a woman at Striaton City's Pokemon Center, she will give you the Gracidea. If you use the Gradidea on Shaymin-Land in the daytime while Shaymin does not have the Frozen status condition, it with change to its Sky Forme. The Gracidea will have no effect otherwise.

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I'm sorry I just edited the question. How do I use it?
It's in Striton City's Pokemon Center btw. And it must be a Shaymin with that had "a fateful encounter" to be able to transform
Thanks Flaf, I have no idea how I screwed that up,
Np man, glad to help.