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I caught a Uxie last night - in Pearl - and I have been looking for a TM to teach him. Something where I can simply attack a foe & jack them up. I don't want anything like this move he came with (which I will keep, but...) called Future Sight where, 2 turns after it is used, he attacks the foe with psychic energy.

So he has Yawn, Future Sight & Amnesia then he does have confusion but confusion only has 50 power.

Bear in mind, this is my first game & I doubt I know what i'm saying here LOL. But I think I kind of got it. I basically want something where I can punch a guy in the face, take his sammich & run.

Now my next thing is to make sure that if I go to and beat the E4, that there will still be a decent guy to use my Masterball on that wont be considered a waste. I've googled around a bit & I see lots of things like, all the different guys that can be caught with a MB, but its a little confusing.
(I caught Palkia with an Ultra Ball and then for the Uxie fight, it SERIOUSLY went down but luckily the game gives you a chance to save beforehand. So I used like, every single item in my entire inventory lol & ended up catching that sucker with a heal ball of all things.
So... I still have the master ball. Woot!)

Uxie does not havea gender : /

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Psychic is going to be the main one there. Other good ones are Thunderbolt/Charge Beam, Energy Ball/Grass Knot, and Shadow Ball.

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Uxie can learn a nice array of good TM's. My Uxie in Platinum knows:
-Solarbeam (Has decent Sp. Attk and great defenses so wth???)
-Shock wave ( just for a finisher and it's not a terrible filler attack)
-Amnesia is the move I will be getting rid of but I don't know what will be replacing it yet
-Extrasensory (I used my Psychic TM on another Pokemon and it has 80 power so it's fairly good, plus it can cause flinching)

This answer and the one below were both posted at the same hour as trachy's, in case anybody was wondering.
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Man mine in platinum knows
calm mind
energy ball / thunder bolt/shadow ball
my stratergy was that if any Pokemon that I knew could defeat Uxie for example Ghastly or someone I would use u-turn, if someone could easily be defeated for example bibarel I would use calm mind so that even if the foe switches I won't need to raise my sp attack and defense again.

You can keep any of the three moves energy ball, thunder bolt and shadow ball as per your need . I took energy ball as there were no Pokemon that could escape it and be sure to give uxie leftovers so that it recovers some hp. And instead of those three moves you can keep toxic to stall the foe but I doen't prefer it .