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I tried beating the elite four, I have waited at least 2 weeks, I come at the appropriate time, I just don't know what to do, can anyone help?

Time for Uxie is 8 through 9, right?

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What game is this?
its prob ORAS
It is ORAS; it's the only game other than D/P/Pt that has Uxie, and in D/P/Pt it's not time-based.

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ORAS works on a time based cycle. If you mess around with the clock, it will take 24 hours to reset back to the usual programmed gameplay. This could affect things like flags, berries, legendary Pokemon, etc.. Uxie's time is 8pm-9pm on any day of the week. If you messed around with the time, wait 24 hours and then wait until the time they arrive. It will normally take about 2 days to reset.

This is because you went ahead of the gameplay. Therefore, the usual things you collect daily will be pushed back 24 hours from where you time cheated. It might work on the first time, but don't depend on it. It's terrible!

Hope I helped! :)

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He said he waited at least two weeks
It depend how much he messed with the time. He could of changed it more than two weeks, that's why it probably doesn't work
I think I figured it out, does it have to be pm, cause that may be the problem.
It does. Uxie's exact time is 20:00 - 21:00; military time for 8:00pm. - 9:00pm.
thanks a bunch! :)
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From my experience I haven't found anything that would cause Uxie to not appear for two weeks, but there may be some things that may have caused this.

  • You keep changing the time to 8:00 every day, changing the time stops time-based events for 48 hours (About 2 days)

  • Your clock is wrong. You may be changing the time to 8:00 - 9:00 AM instead of 8:00 - 9:00 PM.

  • You don't have 3 Pokemon with full happiness in your party. To get the Lake Trio legends, you need to have 3 Pokemon with full happiness in your party next, soar around Sootopolis city and land at the mirage spot.

  • Your game is glitched.

Hope I helped!

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